Hi.  This blog is my record of the info, links, articles and assignments that I will be constantly adding to throughout my PIDP journey.

My name is Kevin Philipson.  I’ve done some corporate training in a sales environment over the past few years and want to get formal accreditation so I can further my career in a field that I am very passionate about.

I was born in England but grew up in BC.  Having also lived for short stints in my twenties in Scotland and Australia, I knew the rich rewards that setting up my life overseas could bring.  I love to travel, especially through Europe, and had an opportunity to make a long-term move in 2008 so I took a shot and had a great time.   I’ve recently moved back to Canada after living back in England for nearly five years.

After doing a lot of research, I felt that the PIDP course was the best balance of theory and participation to hone my skills and set me on permanent path in the world of Adult Education…at a pace that I could set myself so I can still balance a working life.

I look forward to seeing how this blog grows as I build up my Education education.


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